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Entomologists and field biologists who worked on the Channel Islands in the 19th and 20th centuries collecting specimens include:

BAKER, Charles Fuller (1872-1927) (pic)

CARLSON, John Ingomar (1891-1971)

CHAMBERLIN, Ralph Vary (1879-1967) (pic)

COCKERELL, Theodore Dru Alison (1866-1948) (pic)

COMSTOCK, John Adams (1883-1970) (pic)

EISEN, Gustav (1847-1940) (pic)

FUCHS, Charles (1839-1914)

HENNE, Christopher (1905-1977) (pic)

HOVANITZ, William Baxter (1915-1977)

KANAKOFF, George P. (1897-1973) (pic)

MARTIN, Lloyd Milo (1912-1989) (pic)

MEADOWS, Don Charles (1897-1994) (pic)

REDDICK, Theodore (pic)

REMINGTON, Charles Lee (1922-2007) (pic)

RICHARDSON, Charles Howard , Jr. (1887-1977) (pic)

SNODGRASS, Robert E. (1875-1962) (pic)

VAN DUZEE, Edward Payson (1861-1940) (pic)

WENNER, Adrian (b. 1928) (pic)