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Bathymetric map of the California Channel Islands
Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Sandstone sculpture
Santa Rosa Island
Photo by Marla Daily
Actinolite, Santa Catalina Island
Calcite, Santa Catalina Island

ANDERSON, Robert E. (1920- )

ARNOLD, Ralph (1875-1961)

AXELROD, Daniel Isaac (1910-1998)

BAKER, Marcus (1849-1903)

BOWERS, James DeMoss (c. 1863-1917)

BREMNER, Carl St. John (1895-1944)

BRYAN, William Alanson (1875-1942)

CROSS, Rodman K. (1911-1970)

DELONG, James (LACM Bio Survey)

DIBBLEE, Thomas Wilson Jr. (1911-2004)

GOODYEAR, Watson Andrews (c. 1837-1891)

HALL, Kempton Bishop “Pete”(1916-2013)

HANNA, G. Dallas (1887-1970)

HOLMES, William Henry (1846-1933)

HOOTS, Harold (1899-1979)

KEW, William Stephen Webster (1890-1961)

LE CONTE, Joseph (1823-1901)

MORGAN, Frank A. (1898-1976)

NEWBERRY, John Strong (1822-1892)

OCHSNER, Washington Henry (1879-1927)

PARRY, Charles Christopher (1823-1890)

PEMBERTON, John Rothwell “Bill” (1884-1968)

REDWINE, Lowell E. (1911-1982)

ROGERS, Malcolm Jennings (1890-1960)

SMITH, William Sidney Tangier (1869-1962)

QUAYLE, Ernest H.