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Ornithologists and oologists, zoologists and naturalists who studied and collected birds and eggs on the California Channel Islands include:

The Collectors

ABBOTT, Waldo George (1911-1990) (pic)

ANTHONY, Alfred Webster (1865-1939) (pic)

APPLETON, John Sparhawk (1867-1959) (pic)

ASHCRAFT, Granville “Bud” Plummer (1911-1966) (pic)

ASHWORTH, Charles William (1909-1974) (pic)

BADGER, Martin Cramton “Bud” (1892-1971) (pic)

BAIRD, Spencer Fullerton (1823-1887) (pic)

BANCROFT, Griffing (1879-1955) (pic)

BANCROFT, Griffing Jr. (1907-1999) (pic)

BARLOW, Chester (1874-1902) (pic)

BANKS, Richard Charles (b.1931) (pic)

BAUMGARDT, John H. (1922-2002) (pic)

BECK, Rollo Howard (1870-1950) (pic)

BEEKMAN, Orland E. (1895-1952) (pic)

BENDIRE, Charles Emil (1836-1897) (pic)

BENT, Arthur Cleveland (1866-1954) (pic)

BLAKE, Eli Whitney Jr. (1836-1895) (pic)

BOND, Richard M. (1903-1976)

BRADBURY, W. C. (1849-1925) (pic)

BRENINGER, George Frank (1865-1905)

BRYANT, Harold Child (1886-1968) (pic)

BRYANT, Walter P. (1861-1905) (pic)

BRYANT, William S.

BULLARD, William (1920-2008) (pic)

BURT, Homer Clarence (1892-1968) (pic)

BURTIS, Prentice Jr.

CANTERBURY, Robert Harold (1902-1979)

CARPENTER, Nelson Kitwood (1885-1956) (pic)

CARRIGER, Henry Ward (1874-1949) (pic)


CHAMBERS, William Lee (1878-1966)

CHILDS, John Lewis (1856-1921) (pic)

COALE, Henry K. (1858-1926) (pic)

COLLINS, Paul (b. 1950) (pic)

COOKMAN, Alfred (1891-1972)

COOPER, James Graham (1830-1902) (pic)

CRAIG, Frank

CRAIG, Judson

DAWSON, William Leon (1873-1928) (pic)

DAWSON, William Oberlin (1899-1959) (pic)

DeGROOT, Dudley S. (1899-1970) (pic)

DICKEY, Donald Ryder “Dick” (1887-1932) (pic)

DIXON, Joseph Scattergood (1893-1952)

EDWARDS, Howard Arden (1884-1953) (pic)

EMERSON, W. Otto (1856-1940) (pic)

EVERMANN, Barton Warren (1853-1932) (pic)

FIELD, Clyde Leon (1887-1975)

FORNEY, Stehman (1846-1916) gave birds + eggs to Henshaw (1871 SMI)

GAMBEL, William (1823-1949)

GAYLORD, Horace Amidon (1877-1916) (pic)

GRINNELL, Joseph (1877-1939) (pic)

GREEN, Josiah Elton “Tony” (1908-1986)

GRUBER, Ferdinand (1829-1907)

HALL, Edward M.

HANNA, Wilson Creal (1883-1982)

HAVEMEYER, Henry Oliver (1847-1907) (pic)

HARRIS, Harry ( - )

HARRISON, Ed Newton (1914-2002) (pic)

HENSHAW, Henry Wetherbee (1850-1930) (pic)


HERSEY, F. Seymour (1884-1971)

HOFFMANN, Ralph (1870-1932) (pic)

HORNUNG, John Albert (1872-1930) (pic)

HOWARD, Ozora William (1885-1928)

HOWELL, Alfred Brazier (1886-1961) (pic)

HOWSLEY, Lucien Reeder (1901-1970) (pic)

HUEY, Lawrence Markham (1892-1963) (pic)


JAY, Antonin “Anthony” and Alphonse JAY

KIMBALL, Henry Hungerford (1876-1945)

KNICKERBOCKER, Charles Kennedy (1874-1940) (pic)

LAMB, Chester Converse (1883-1965)

LAUGHRIN, Lyndal Lee (b. 1943) (pic)

LAW, John Eugene (1877-1931) (pic)

LELANDE, Harry Jason (1871-1965) (pic)

LINTON, Clarence Brockman (1881-1925) (pic)

LITTLEJOHN, Chase (1850-1943) (pic)


MAILLIARD, John Ward (1862-1935)

MAILLIARD, Joseph (1857-1945) (pic)

McGREGOR, Richard C. (1871-1936) (pic)

NOKES, Irwin Dana (1884-1955) (pic)


OSGOOD, Wilfred H. (1875-1947) (pic)

OWEN, Virgil W.


PALMER, Fletcher G. (1913-1994)

PAQUETTE, Elmer (1908-1988)

PEMBERTON, John Roy "Bill" (1884-1968) (pic)

PEYTON, Lawrence Gorham (1890-1985) (pic)

PEYTON, Sidney Burns (1892-1978) (pic)

POWER, Dennis (b. 1941)

READY, George H. (1858-1903)

RETT, Egmont Zachary (1897-1963) (pic) (field notes)

RICHARDSON, Charles Howard , Jr. (1887-1977) (pic)

ROBERTSON, H. H. ( - )


ROSS, Roland Case (1896-1987)

ROWLEY, John Stewart (1866-1928)

ROWLEY, John Stewart Jr. (1907-1968)

SALT, Walter Raymond (1905-1996)

SHEFFLER, William J. (1892-1967)

SHELDON, Henry Hargrave (1883-1977) (pic)


SMITH, Franklin J. (1879-1942)

SNYDER, Gaylord K. (c. 1892-1915)

SPRINGS, William L. ( - )

STEPHENS, Frank (1849-1937) (pic)

STEVENS, Lawrence Theodore “Laurie” (1903-1967) (pic)

STREATOR, Clark Perkins (1866-1952) (field notes)

SUMNER, Eustace Lowell (1907-1989)

SWARTH, Harry Schelwald (1878-1935) (pic) [—not on islands]

TAYLOR, Henry Reed

TAYLOR, Walter P. (1888-1972)

THOMPSON, Richard E. (1914-2004) (pic)

TRASK, Luella Blanche (1865-1916) (pic)

TRUESDALE, F. T. (1882-1970)

VAN DENBURGH, John (1872-1924) (pic)

VAN ROSSEM, Adriaan Joseph (1892-1949) (pic) (field notes)

VROOMAN, Albert George (1860-1942)

WILLETT, George (1879-1945) (pic)


WRIGHT, Howard Walter (1892-1977) (pic)

L. E. Wyman (1869-1928)

XANTUS, Louis John (1825-1894) (pic) [maybe not on islands]

YATES, Lorenzo Gordin (1837-1909) (pic)

ZAHN, Otto (1872-1965) (pic)


Babcock for Nokes on SBI , San Clemente

H. Barton 1909 SNI R. C. McGregor 1897 ScCem

T. Burpee 1910 SCat

A. Cheeseman SClem 1908

P. Conrad 1936 SCat

Forrer, A. ScrI 1885 T. Shorter [or Shooter] 1891 SNI

E. M. Hall ScrI 1941 (mammalogist)

C. Hatton 1920 SBI

S. Lee 1885 ScrI

Luther Little 1911 SCat

J. E. Lowe 1918 San Clem

K. W. Kenyon 1938 SCat

E. Paquett 1927-1932 SCR; Ana

R. Perez 1911 SCat

Raymond J. Quigley 1949-1962 Ana

H. Rhodes 1896-1897 SCat

E. Roche 1906 SCat; SClem

Charles Scammon 1873 SBI (?) doubtful egg set from here; prob. Baja

D. I. Shepardson 1910 SCat