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  • Dashiell, Nellie E. Catalina. A Poem. Washington, DC: (Wilbert Garrison Co.), 1924. First edition, signed y the author. Illustrated by Loretto Lowenstein.
[original in SCIF archives]

  • Knight & Leonard. In the Lovely Land of Sunsets. A Souvenir of Santa Barbara (Chicago: Knight & Leonard, 1886). Pictorial boards. 101 pages. Heavily foxed. Signed: Knight & Leonard. The edition of this book is limited to 200 copies, of which this is No. 45. A book of poetry and stories of Santa Barbara. Mother Goose Island (Santa Cruz Island) page 83-90; Isle of Olden Time (Santa Rosa Island) pages 91-96.
[original in SCIF archives; ex-lib MDD]

  • Lester, Marianne San Miguel Island and other poems. Privately published, with 500 copies designed and printed by Noel Young in Santa Barbara, August 1970. The title poem, San Miguel Island-Poem of a Lost Life, is nine stanzas.
[original in SCIF archives]

  • Vail, Kay Sutherland. A Breed All Their Own. Cowboy Poems. Santa Barbara: Wild Ranch Publishing, (1995). First printing. One of 25 copies. Wraps.
[original in SCIF archives]