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Meredith Brooks Abbott (1938- ) San Miguel Island Daughter of Robert Larkin Brooks
Hancock Banning San Miguel Island Son of Phinneas Banning
Richard Bergen (1914-1992) Santa Cruz Island Stanton family lawyer with O'Melveny & Myers
Robert Brooks (1940- ) San Miguel Island Son of Robert Larkin Brooks
Don Butler San Miguel Island Son of Robert Larkin Brooks
William Ehorn (1939- ) Channel Islands National Park CINP Superintendent
Russell Galipeau Channel Islands National Park CINP Superintendent
John Johnson (1950- ) California Channel Islands Anthropologist
Lyndal Laughrin (1943- ) Santa Cruz Island University of California Santa Cruz Island Reserve
Betsy Lester Roberti (1933- ) San Miguel Island Daughter of Herbert and Elizabeth Lester
E. K. Smith (1918-2010) Santa Rosa Island Son of Smitty and Cuca Smith
Buster Hyder Revisits Santa Barbara Island after 60 years. October 23, 1986.
Tape 1:

Chinese fishing shack, footbridge, wharf, Hyder Lease 1914-1919; pumping water; track & sled; Hyder house; winds; eye-bolt; boom; unloading sheep; horses and mules; trail; Paul Wills; landings; 'woolies'—poultry blown out to sea.
Uncle Cleve's house; lobster receivers; Margaret Hyder, his wife; Marguerite Blue & her 3 goats; Russian Joe; Phil & Ethel; other work—hauling sheep; fishing; Bob Brooks; Herb Lester; George Hammond; Ed Vail; hogs and calves; sheep from SCRI; sheep from SNI; Lowell Sumner; Smugglers Cove, SCrI; Indian graves; Graveyard Canyon, SBI; Albacore season—12 boat co-op; Smugglers Cove, SCrI well & orange tree; iceplant & 'cabin stalks' (Coreopsis).
Collecting gravel, Orcas beached to eat sea lions; rock wall; rabbits and cats; trail to the top; discusses San Miguel Island.
Discusses San Nicolas Island—drowning of his father, Al Hyder (56); Roy Agee; Coast Guard (Itasca); sinking of Nora II at SNI.
[end of tape 1]

Tape 2:

Rabbits; Environmental Assessment (Bill Ehorn); walking up hillside; Coreopsis (cabin stalks); Arch Point; Dams, Webster Point, guano, cactus, sheep didn't eat Coreopsis; walking to Elephant Seal Cove trail; planting of Eucalyptus trees in "A. H." in 1920; wagon road; hay bailer and rake; growing hay; (hiking to saddle); wooden troughs; cistern at house; airplane landed on SBI; bare spots "bad lands."
location of dam; sheep corrals; waiving lantern to draw boats in at night; Hyders bummed groceries and traded mutton; hay bailer dropped down sled hill into water; south end cave; never found fresh water; no elephant seals on SBI; elephant seal from Guadalupe Island, MX, 1918; Cleve's lobster cabin made from old fish market lumber from San Pedro; burned a patch a block square in size on Webster Point for potato field—too much guano and salt; loss of hay crop when buyer didn't pay; no sand beaches on SBI; one wing fence to run sheep; hog-tied sheep on sled; boiling and eating sea gull eggs; description of Hyder house tied to deadman by cables to keep it from blowing down.
Foxtails; Brown Pelicans on north side of island; Ravens; reservoirs and cement settling tank; 1986 weather station; water-collecting system of ditches.
[end of tape 2]

Tape 4.
Buster Hyder Interview, continued.