Portezuela Ranch, Santa Cruz Island

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Western pastures, Santa Cruz Island
La Casa de Portezuela, Santa Cruz Island
Well site, Portezuela Ranch, Santa Cruz Island

Portezuela Ranch, Santa Cruz Island [Sp., pass between hills], was located in the Portezuela or “upland valley” as Clifford McElrath described it.

“Portesuela is the Spanish word for a relatively flat upland valley.”

The out ranch formerly located at the Portezuela is depicted on maps as early as 1885 and 1890 (#23 a & b). The site is located to the west of the Main Ranch less than midway to the Christy Ranch. A dug well, a large house, carpenter shop, stables, corrals, three hay barns, a wood shed, vegetable garden, fenced fields and vineyards were located at this medium sized ranch complex. The house was constructed in 1885.

By 1922, Symmes reported:

“An old cabin, part adobe and part logs, and an old barn are the only remaining buildings at Portezuela. The cabin is occasionally used as a camp as it is on the road to Christy.”