Postmasters of Avalon

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“ The Avalon post office was established on July 27, 1889, as an office of the Fourth Class. On April 1, 1902, it was advanced to the Third Class and on July 1, 1920, it was advanced to the Second Class. Some of the older residents of Avalon State that the post office was for many years located in Metropole Avenue before it was moved to the water front. The oldest record available in Washington, D.C., gives the location as being in a one-story frame building known as the "Steamer Terminal Building", on the waterfront on the north side of Crescent Avenue, between Metropole Avenue and Sumner Street. On June 1, 1927 it was moved to the present location in the Atwater Arcade at 118 Metropole Avenue. On January 25, 1895, the first money order was issued. From that date until June 30, 1939, inclusive, we have issued 306,807 money orders. The first money order was paid at this office on February 20, 1895. Post office boxes were installed and the first box rented on July 1, 1902. The rent of a box at that time was 75c per quarter...” [Catalina Islander, January 5, 1939]


Harry M. A. Elms July 27, 1889
Albert A Carraher February 20, 1892
Nelson B. Stanton March 14, 1896
Edwin Stanton April 27, 1904
James F. Trout May 6, 1914
Myrtle E. Trout April 1, 1923 (acting)
Myrtle E. Trout January 9, 1924
Grace R. Ashbridge November 16, 1925 (acting)
Grace R. Ashbridge February 27, 1926
Hugh C. Craig September 30, 1929 (acting)
Oscar E. Bailey April 22, 1930
James B. Ogden August 16, 1933 (acting)
James B. Ogden May 7, 1934 (removed for corruption)
Herbert A. Wegmann June 2, 1938 (acting)
Herbert A. Wegmann April 20, 1939
Herbert A. Wegmann September 10, 1942 (on military leave)
Louise A. Geasland September 10, 1942 (clerk in charge)
Charlotte L. Ryan September 15, 1944 (clerk in charge)
Herbert A. Wegmann June 30, 1946 (returned from military leave)
Herbert A. Wegmann December 29, 1965 (optional retirement)
Dyke G. Brewer December 29, 1965 (clerk in charge)
Pete G. Salamunovich July 21, 1967
Pete G. Salamunovich December 30, 1983 (optional retirement)
Diana J. Wiest December 30, 1983 (officer in charge)
Lydia A. Saldana (Lolo’s wife) March 17, 1984
Stan Atchinson October 15, 1994
Kathy Armstrong
Margarita Jackson current (2020)