Potrero Blue Banks, Santa Cruz Island

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Blue Banks Potrero looking south showing steep character of the territory and signs of limestone formation in the washes.
Santa Cruz Island, Symmes, 1922

Potrero Blue Banks

This potrero is roughly triangular in shape, lying to the southwest of the Sur Ranch. It is bounded by the Potrero de Coches Prietos on the west, high ocean bluffs on the south, and east, and the Sur Ranch on the north. It is composed of steep hills and contains 372 acres. The grasses are chiefly wild oats and alfileria with some burr clover. There is considerable manzanita, scrub oak and cactus in the canyons and on the slopes. The clay soil washes easily when the natiral cover is removed by over grazing. The float rock and out-croppings are volcanic with considerable limerock. Good early spring pasturage for either sheep or cattle is produced by this potrero. A small perennial stream in the loer part of the canyon between Blue Banks and the Sur Ranch in the only water. [Symmes 1922:23]