Potrero Llano, Santa Cruz Island

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Potrero Llano, Santa Cruz Island [Sp. flat pasture] is a pasture near Scorpion Ranch.

In the News~

May 20, 1918 [SCICo]: “Our idea of herding is to follow the methods used in other sections. To begin with we believe that it would be advisable to take the sheep to Potrero Llano and put two good men with them and herd them for two or three months in that one section. At the end of that time they would be in shape to take to any part of the Island.”

October 21, 1919 [SCICo]: “We would like very much this fall to repair fences enclosing the Potrero Opriesto at Christy and Llano at Scorpion. These as well as the Potrero Norte, whose fence is in good condition are very fine potreros but have been badly overstocked and are in ruinous condition. We believe that if these fences were put in good shape and all stock kept out of them this winter in fact until the seed had formed and fallen next summer it would give them a change to recuperate.”

November 4, 1919 [SCICo]: “I visited Scorpion last week and carefully examined the fences of the Potrero Llano and the Vallata. With what they already have on hand it will take only a little material to put these fences in good shape.”

January 19, 1920 [SCICo]: “At Scorpion the fence of the Potrero Llano is being repaired.”