Pozo Beach, Pozo Canyon and Pozo Harbor, Santa Cruz Island

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Western pastures, Santa Cruz Island

Pozo Beach, Pozo Canyon, Pozo Harbor, Pozo Pasture, Santa Cruz Island (Poso, Posa) [Sp., well], are located on the southern side of the island between Near Point to the west and Morse Point to the east. At the canyon mouth, a broad sandy beach extends over a mile in length, and is accessed via the Pozo Canyon Road from Cañada de los Sauces. The location is referred to as Poso on early Santa Cruz Island Company maps (#45 & 46, 1886) which show several clumps of willow trees near the creek, and a sheep corral system complete with a trasquila (sheep shearing shed). According to geologist William Goodyear, Poso Canyon was named “because a well was once sunk to a considerable depth here in the cañon, without, however, finding any good water” [Goodyear 1890: 164]. Today the canyon is mapped as Pozo. The rare small-flowered clematis (Clematis pauciflora) is known only from the upper portion of Pozo Canyon.

The place name appears as Posa Anchorage on the June 1882 U.S. Coast Survey map Pacific Coast from Santa Monica to Point Conception, including the Santa Barbara Channel, California, J.E. Hilgard, Superintendent.

This place name appears as Posa Anchorage on the Santa Cruz Island Sheet A topographic map.

When the island was partitioned in 1925, this location was included in Tract No. 4 appointed to Arthur J. Caire.

In the News~

August 27, 1877 [BowersFN]: “Santa Cruz Island. Cañada de los Posos is about 90 yards in width at the sea, and from its mouth issues three or four springs and a running brook. There is a rancheria [Indian site] on either side and a burial place for each.”

August 17, 1917 [SCICo]: “Two steers or heifers were slaughtered at Poso last week. We heard that an Austrian fishing boat unloaded over a ton of fresh mutton at San Pedro last week...”