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Princesa (1878-), 92-foot, 189-ton Spanish frigate, supply vessel built at the San Blas, Mexico shipyard by master builder Francisco Segurola. She was one of the last major vessels to be built there. Vicente Vasadre y Vega, owner, Spanish government; Don Esteban Jose Martinez, Master. Otter skins = 1060.

Princesa, along with La Favorita and San Carlos, was officially sanctioned to provide goods to Spain's missions and presidios. Such voyages were infrequent, often arriving unexpectedly, and sometimes supplied with insufficient cargo to aid settlement. These circumstances, combined with Spain's exclusionary laws prohibiting foreign ships, encouraged smuggling and the trade of contraband. Spanish voyages to the northwest coast ceased in 17--, and the importance of the ship-building town of San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico, faded.

Sailing schedule:

  • June 8 1786 left San Blas
  • August 27, 1786 at Monterey
  • October 8, 1786 left Monterey
  • October 19, 1786 arrived Santa Barbara
  • November 28, 1786 left San Diego
  • December 18, 1786 arrived San Blas, Mexico

» The Voyage of the Frigate Princesa to Southern California in 1782 as recorded in the logs of Juan Pantoja y Arriaga and Esteban Jose Martinez.