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Prosper (#) (1892-1924)

In the News~

August 14, 1924 [San Francisco Chronicle]: “Schooner Prosper blown up. The schooner Prosper, for many years one of the best known sailing ships on the Pacific Coast, is no more, the craft having been blown up at Catalina Island July 30. Several months ago the Prosper was purchased from the Alaska Packers Association by a motion picture company of Los Angeles. The vessel was used in the play which later called for its blowing up. It was suggested that a model be used for this part of the picture, but as it had to be realistic, the director decreed there was nothing else to do but blow her up, and his orders were carried out. For many years the Prosper operated in the salmon fishing trade out of this port. She was built in 1892 for the Alaska Packers Association, which company operated the vessel up to the time she was sold a few months ago. The Prosper was 128 feet long, with a beam of 32.6 feet and a depth of 8 feet. She was of 229 tons, and at the time she was sold, was in the best of condition. She was too small for the needs of the salmon packers.”