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Quickstep (#) (1851-)

George Nidever said he met Captain Alden of the U.S.Cost Survey and worked for him as a pilot on the Quickstep for about two weeks in 1850:

“In the latter part of 1850, Capt. Alden with the Quickstep came here [Santa Barbara] to survey among the islands. He employed me as pilot for about two weeks, paying me $10 a day.” [Ellison. Nidever (76)]

In the News~

October 31, 1851 [SDU]: “The Quickstep.—We understand that Capt. Alden, late commander of the U. S. steamer Jefferson, that was lost in the Straits of Magellan, has chartered the steamer Quickstep to take the Jefferson's place on this coast. She was built in Philadelphia about five months ago. She is copper fastened, and has new double engines, and is of course in first rate order. With her Capt. Alden intends to make the contemplated surveys, and select suitable sites for lighthouses on our coast.”

December 1, 1851 [NYT]: “The U.S.surveying propeller Quickstep, Captain Alden, was at Monterey on the 26th October. All well. She was to sail on the 27th for the continuation of the survey of the leeward side.”

January 3, 1852 [NYD]: “The U.S.surveying propeller Quickstep, Captain Alden, U.S.N. commanding, returned to our port at an early hour last evening. She has been as far south as the dividing line between Mexico and the Unites States, and has accurately determined the position of the various islands, rocks, shoals, etc., which interfere with the navigation of the coast…”