RAWLINS, Richard and Arklee Gillian

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The Rawlins Family, 1903

RAWLINS, Richard Meschak Rawlins (1862-1941) and Arklee Gillian née Silk (1870-1961), were married on December 24, 1899 in Canyon, Texas. They and their two children, and Richard Mansfield Rawlins (1900-1932), age 4, and Fannie Jane Rawlins [Wilson] (1902-1947), age 2, lived on San Miguel Island as caretakers for Captain Waters in 1903. In 1904 Arklee wrote a brief account of her experiences. After they left the island, they had two additional children: daughter Arklee Barbara Rawlins [Demuro] (1905-1985) and son Neil Sink Rawlins (1915-1917).

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