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REID, Charles ( -1989), Thelma Reid (1914-1989)[SS#569-48-2213] and Charles Reid (d. 1989), elderly husband and wife were drowned in the wreck of their son's wooden boat off Avalon on November 23, 1989.

In the News~

November 24, 1989 [LAT]: “The bodies of an elderly couple were found floating near the wreckage of a small wooden boat 10 miles off Avalon Harbor Thursday and searchers were looking for a third body, U.S. Coast Guard officials reported. The wreckage was spotted by crewmen on the excursion boat, Catalina Countess, as it returned to the mainland from Catalina about 5 p.m. Coroner's deputies said the man and woman may be a Hemet couple whose son owns a 40-foot boat.”

November 24, 1989 [LAT]: “The U.S. Coast Guard on Saturday called off the search for the body of a third person believed killed in a Thanksgiving Day boating accident off Santa Catalina Island that still has investigators puzzled as to a cause. "We have searched and searched and searched and we have decided no more further leads are evolving," said Petty Officer James Schwekhardt of the Long beach Coast guard station. "The case will be reopened if something develops." The bodies of an elderly couple, Robert Reid, 84, and Thelma Reid, 75, were found late Thursday amid debris from the wreckage of the Lucky R, the cabin cruiser owned by their son, Charles Reid of Long Beach.”

May 2, 1990 [LAT]: “Coast Guard Says On-Board Explosion Destroyed Boat. After conducting a five-month investigation into the sinking of a cabin cruiser that left three people dead, the U.S. Coast Guard concluded that the vessel was most likely destroyed by an on-board explosion. Robert Reid, 84, Thelma Reid, 75, and Charles Reid, 61, apparently drowned after their boat, the Lucky R was destroyed last Nov. 23 off Santa Catalina. The bodies of Robert and Thelma Reid, both of Hemet, were found floating with the wreckage, but the body of Charles Reid, who was from Long Beach, was never recovered. Mary Ann Campbell of Huntington Beach said she does not believe the explosion explanation and believes that Coast Guard officials did a "poor job of investigating" the accident that killed her parents and brother. Campbell said she interviewed those involved in the case and believes that the Lucky R was demolished by a collision with another vessel, possibly a submarine. U.S. Coast Guard Capt. James C. Card, who headed the investigation, did not rule out the possibility of a collision but said he "had difficulty visualizing how the extent of destruction to the hull could have occurred in a collision scenario."