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REYES, Jose (? – 1892)

In the News~

April 29, 1892 [SBDI]: “Captain Samuel Burtis has just returned from a trip to Santa Rosa Island, to which point he started last Monday noon with a company of sheep shearers. The Captain informs us while nearing the island he met very heavy seas and one large breaker broke over the schooner and washed away José Reyes, a young unmarried man from Ventura county. This happened between the hours of nine and ten in the evening. The body was not recovered. The Captain says the men were ordered below, but they came back saying it was too warm and the air too foul there.”

May 1, 1892 [LAT/SB]: “The schooner Santa Rosa, Captain Burtis, on her last trip to Santa Rosa Island took about fifty sheep shearers over, one of whom was washed overboard and drowned. He was a single man, named José Reyes from Ventura County. His body was not recovered.”