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Winery, Santa Cruz Island, c. 1910 Photo by P. V. Reyes

REYES, Peter Victor (1875-1950), well-known Santa Catalina Island photographer and fourth mayor of Avalon (1918-1926). Among other credits, his work appears in Zane Grey's Great Game Fishing in Catalina (1919). In about 1910, Reyes visited and photographed the northern Channel Islands: San Miguel, Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz islands. The majority of his island photographs were taken on Santa Catalina Island, and many are in the collection of the Santa Catalina Island Museum.

His store of "Kodak and developing department and bathing beach goods" was located at 519 Crescent Avenue, Avalon.

In 1915 he was one of the original twelve members of the Santa Catalina Island Twenty-Five Year Club.

P. V. Reyes = [1908] Rilla B. Hodson (1876-1942)

Reyes died at age 74.

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In the News~

February 16, 1915 [TI/Avalon]: “A novel reception and dinner was given Sunday evening by Mr. A. A. Carraher at his home on Maiden Lane. Invitations were extended to the ‘old timers’ who had resided on the island twenty-five years or more. Covers were laid for twelve guests, and those present were: Captain J. W. Wilson (who wore a crown), Captain G. Farnsworth, P. V. Reyes, Captain V. Moricich, Captain J. Adargo, Captain Hugo Asplund, Captain J. Arcey, ‘Mexican Joe,’ Captain Tom Whittley, Captain Harry Doss, John Brinkley and Captain Al Holbrooke.”

August 10, 1915 [TI/Avalon]: P. V. Reyes was running a half-page advertisement presenting the merits of photograph establishment. He is still in business here.

January 14, 1925 [TI/Avalon]: “Among the familiar names of 1908 are launch Mabel F, P. V. Reyes, Hotel Hermosa, Hotel Glenmore, Island Villa, J. Albert, and Hotel Stamford.”

May 21, 1942 [TI/Avalon]: “Funeral services will be held Friday for the late Mrs. P. V. Reyes, aged 66, who passed away Wednesday morning after a prolonged illness of more than ten years. Mrs. Reyes is survived by her husband, formerly Mayor of Avalon, and by an aunt, Mrs. R. Danielson of Los Angeles… Mr. and Mrs. Reyes came to Avalon during the Banning Company’s ownership of Catalina and established the Reyes Photograph Gallery and Art Store. Hundreds of the ‘fish pictures’ carried away by the enthusiastic anglers of Catalina’s earlier days, were taken by Mr. and Mrs. Reyes. For several years Mrs. Reyes was Avalon’s ‘first lady’ and was very active in community and other humanitarian work. She was a trained nurse and in the days prior to the establishment of the local hospital, Mrs. Reyes gave freely of her time and services to those who were ill or injured. Old time residents of Avalon have many affectionate remembrances of Mrs. Reyes. During the past ten years she has been confined to a hospital in Santa Monica and has been unable to reside in her Avalon home at 724 Crescent Avenue. Mr. Reyes was present when his wife passed away. A number of floral tributes from Avalon friends have been telegraphed to the Todd & Leslie Mortuary for the ceremony tomorrow.”

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