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RHODES, Carl B. ( -1974)

In the News~

September 16, 1974 [LAT]: “Scuba diver drowns; Toll climbs to 23. A scuba diver accredited by two local diving associations drowned in "bathtub" ocean conditions off Santa Catalina Island Sunday, pushing 1974 Southland diving deaths to a record 23, authorities said. The victim, Carl B. Rhodes, 37, of Los Angeles, was diving with two companions in 40 feet of water when he failed to return to the charter boat with the others. He floated to the surface dead several minutes later, a county lifeguard spokesman said. "Why do people supposedly certified as qualified divers keep dying under these conditions," asked James Milner, captain of the charter boat... A preliminary investigation into Rhodes' death indicated he ran out of air and drowned, normally a rare occurrence for a qualified diver in 40 feet of water, Milner and county lifeguards said... ”