RICH, Andrew

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RICH, Andrew Paul (1955-1978)[SS#573-21-4707] age 23, drowned SCUBA diving off Ribbon Rock, Santa Catalina Island on November 24, 1978. Also drowned was Mary Pesci, 21, of Fullerton, CA. Rich was born in Texas and lived in Santa Ana, CA at the time of his death.

In the News~

November 26, 1978 [LAT]: “Two scuba divers lost their lives Saturday, bringing to four the total number of victims of scuba diving incidents over a two-day period in Southern California waters… The bodies of Mary Pesci, 21, of Fullerton and Andrew Rich, 23, of Santa Ana were found in 120 feet of water off Ribbon Rock. Their cause of death is still undetermined. Officials were unsure what happened in the Saturday fatalities…”