RICKER, Donald W.

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Donald W. Ricker

RICKER, Donald W. (1929-1994), research associate at the Department of Biological Control, University of California at Riverside who was involved with the biological control of prickly pear cacti on Santa Cruz Island which began in the 1940s and continued into the 1980s. He also collected plants on Santa Barbara Island in 1969.

Ricker became Member #92 of the ALL EIGHT CLUB in 2004.

  • 1967. Goeden, Richard D., Charles A. Fleschner and Donald W. Ricker Biological Control of Prickly Pear Cacti on Santa Cruz Island, California 38(16):579-606, November 1967

Ralph Philbrick and Don Ricker, 2012
Ralph Philbrick and Don Ricker, 2012
Don Ricker with daughters, Susie and Nancy, 2016