RIDER, Francis “Frank“ V.

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Charles F. Holder's list, 1910

RIDER, Francis “Frank” VanderVoort (1856-1926) was an active member of the Tuna Club at the turn of the century.

F. V. Rider = [1885] Eloise Lord (1866-1922)

  • 1. Lucretia Lord Rider (1886-1976) [SS#334-14-2249] = [1908] Alfred Henry Klein
  • 2. Harold Lord Rider (b. 1888) = [1919] Mary Kathryne Hoyng
  • 3. Marian Lord Rider (1891-1986) [SS#553-44-8236] = [1915] Alfred Robertson
  • 4. Alma Rider

In the News~

July 9, 1897 [LAH]: “Frank V. Rider and wife of Pasadena, Harry Elms as boatman, caught ten yellowtail and eight barracuda on rod and reel yesterday in the neighborhood of Seal Rock. Mrs. Rider, whose first experience of exciting fishing it was, caught four yellowtail and two barracuda herself and was correspondingly happy.”

June 22, 1901 [SFCall]: “Catch their first tuna. The first tuna of the season was caught a few days ago at Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, and excitement is running high. Among those who are glorying in the fact that they have landed their first fish of the season are Colonel R. A. Eddy, whose catch weighed 124 pounds; F. S. Schenck, assisted, landed one that scaled 148 pounds; O. Orr caught a 124 pound one; D. C. Pixey, a 134 pounder; Hon. John F. Francis, a 321 pounder; Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, one weighing 100 pounds; and Colonel C. P. Morehouse [sic] brought in one weighing 142 pounds. The Tuna Club held a banquet on the evening of June 15 and the following members sat around the festive board: General A. W. Barrett, president; A. S. Berry, Kentucky; C. C. Paine, Cleveland; H. C. Long, San Francisco; Charles Stallman, San Francisco; John Caffery, San Francisco; F. V. Rider, secretary, Avalon; D. C. Pixley, Orange, N.J.; William Burnham, Avalon, Cal.; T. S. Manning, Avalon, Cal.; N. W. Howard, Avalon, Cal.; O. O. Orr, Avalon, CAl.;W. R. Bentley, Seattle; Colonel C. P. Morehouse [sic], Pasadena; R. A. Eddy, San Francisco; J. R. Banning, Los Angeles; J. C. Cline, Los Angeles; P. J. Tormey, San Francisco; D. W. Kirkland, Los Angeles; E. L. Doran, Avalon; M. G. Foster, New York; Charles F. Holder, Pasadena; Franklin S. Schenck, New York; E. N. Dickerson, New York; D. S. Alexander, New York; G. F. Steele, Chicago.”