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ROARK, Daniel E. (1932-2013), owner of the vessels Star and Crescent and Cinnamon Bear.

In the News~

July 28, 1959 [OPC]: “The harbor district board gave its approval to Daniel E. Roark’s plans to operate a water taxi between Dock 1 and Anacapa Island. A formal contract will be drawn up shortly. Mr. Roark said he would be ready to operate ‘within two or three weeks,’ on a twice-a-day weekend basis. The island was recently opened to the public by the Department of the Interior as a national park [monument]. According to Mr. Roark, the Navy is building small boat facilities on the island which should be completed by the time the taxi service begins.”

April 19, 1960 [OPC]: “Twenty-five boys and three adults of Boy Scout Troop 226 spent the last four days of Spring vacation at the Channel Islands National Monument Headquarters on Anacapa Island. Troop members, as guests of Dan Roark and his Channel Islands Transportation Co. left Dock 1, Port Hueneme, early Wednesday morning. They returned Saturday. Activities on the island included swimming, abalone hunting, fishing, hiking, and practicing Scouting skills for the forthcoming county Scout camporee.”

November 7, 1960 [OPC]: “Anacapa Island—this rugged volcanic isle 12 miles southwest of Port Hueneme is fast becoming a mecca for Southern California tourists—almost in spite of itself. In the 16 months since its opening to the public as a National Monument, more than 3,500 sightseers have landed through the surging surf on the single pebbly beach that makes two-thirds of this island accessible. Some have come to peer through high-powered binoculars at the elegantly awkward brown pelicans and graceful cormorants nesting in the island’s craggy slopes. Others, wearing neoprene suits and compressed air tanks, have come to swim through undersea gardens… Still others have come to camp for as long as two weeks in splendid isolation. Only an hour from Port Hueneme by fast boat, this sea-girl lava pile seems a perfect retreat from the nervous clamor of television and freeways… Many of those who have visited the island in the past year have crossed the often choppy channel aboard the 44-foot Star and Crescent, a converted diesel water taxi skippered by Capt. Dan Roark of Port Hueneme. Capt. Roark, who logged more than 10,000 hours in crop dusting planes before turing to the sea, has a concession from the National Park Service to provide public transportation to the island. He is now negotiating with the Department of the Interior for a long term agreement which he hopes will permit commercial development of recreational facilities on all of the island except the eastern third leased to the Coast Guard as a lighthouse…”