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ROBARTS, Robert Manuel (1877-1953), brother of John Robarts, lived and worked on San Clemente Island with his brother at the turn of the century.

In the News~

January 7, 1901 [LAT/SCat]: “Several gentlemen who had drifted into Avalon got together last week and arranged a trip to San Clemente, lying about twenty-five miles southward from Santa Catalina. The island is government property, and is uninhabited, save by two young men, John and Robert Robarts, who have charge of some five or six thousand sheep belonging to S. C. Hubbell of Los Angeles, and Alec O’Leary, who has led a hermit life down near the east end for ten years past. The gentlemen were seeking adventure… These adventurous spirits chartered the Mascot, George M. Connell, skipper, who brought his launch down from Monterey last spring in one of the worst storms of the season. The party started from Avalon at 4 A.M. Thursday morning, and about 8 A.M. cast anchor at Gallagher’s Landing, near the west end of San Clemente, where the Robarts brothers have their headquarters…”

October 17, 1901 [SBI]: “Al Shade, Ernest Morris, Jack Bryant and Sam Brown have just returned from a weeks’ cruising about San Clemente Island in the little sloop Bertha. They came over for a supply of provisions, bringing with them Robert Robarts, one of the men in charge of the island for the San Clemente Wool Company. The boys will spend a few days in going around this island and then return to Clemente and finish their outing.”