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Lois Roberts (right) on San Miguel Island

ROBERTS, Lois J. (1920-2014) was born in Los Angeles, the daughter of Cyrus Eugene and Beatrice [Venator] Johnson. She received her PhD in Latin America History, University of California at Los Angeles in 1970. During her professional career, Roberts was a lecturer in history at California State University, Long Beach, 1970-1980, Northridge, 1981-1986; Adjunct professor United States Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, since 1992; Monterey Institute International Studies, 1989-1991. She was also a consultant in cultural resource management for Chambers Consultant, Irvine, California, 1979-1992. She opened her private business, Historic Preservation Associates, 24694 Upper Trail, Carmel, CA where she served as a historic preservation private consultant.

Lois Roberts married three times:

  • = Harry Meyers Crawford [married 1941; divorced 1954]
1. Russell Roberts
2. Anne Roberts
  • = Fred Weinman (1903-1973) [married 1961]
  • Wilbur Edison Roberts ( -2000) [married 1979]

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