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In the fall of 1932, archaeologist, Richard F. Van Valkenburgh, participated in an archaeological expedition on Fraser Point, Santa Cruz Island, under the direction of David Banks Rogers, Curator of Archaeology and Paleontology at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History. Also participating were Milton S. Snow, photographer, Eugene Robinson and Nicomedes Villaseñor.

Archaeological artifacts from Santa Cruz Island, Santa Rosa Island and San Nicolas Island, now in the British Museum, were collected by Eugene Robinson. They came from the collections of Harry Geoffrey Beasley, donated by Irene Margaret Beasley in 1944.

  • 1942. Robinson, Eugene Plank Canoes of the Chumash Masterkey 16(6):202-209, 1942

  • 1942. Robinson, Eugene Aboriginal Shell and Stone Work of the Southern California Coast Bernice P. Bishop Museum 17:1-5, 1942

Island Collections~

Santa Cruz Island

  • Stone net-sinker
  • Chert drill
  • Pelican bone hair pin
  • Abalone shell ornament
  • Olivella shell bead

Santa Rosa Island

  • Limpet shell hair ornament
  • Obsidian spear:
  • Spear blade made of obsidian

San Nicolas Island


  • Abalone fish hook
  • Abalone fish-hook with asphaltum
  • Abalone fish-hook
  • Abalone fish-hook unfinished
  • Abalone shell knobbed=type fish-hook
  • Abalone shell blank formed in preparation for the manufacture of a fish-hook
  • Abalone shell fish-hook perforated blank
  • Abalone shell fish-hook perforated blank
  • Cone shell pendant
  • Shell pendant
  • Oyster shell bead
  • Clam shell bead


  • Shale pendant
  • Perforated stone
  • File (for making shell fish-hooks) made of dark sandstone
  • Schist file
  • Slate tool (file)
  • Stone reamer
  • Stone figure (fish? seal?)
  • Stone figure (fish?)
  • Stone tobacco pipe
  • Serpentine bead
  • Serpentine bead
  • Serpentine pendant
  • Serpentine (nose/ear) ring


  • Bird bone awl
  • Bird bone awl
  • Bird bone whistle (photo)
  • Whale bone implement
  • Whale bone implement for prying abalone off rocks
  • Bone harpoon head
  • Bone awl
  • Sea lion penis bone awl
  • Bone bead
  • Bone arrow point
  • Bone hair pin
  • Bone hair pin
  • Cormorant bone hair pin