ROGERS, Edwin W.

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ROGERS, Edwin W. (c. 1912-1931)

In the News~

October 21, 1931 [TI/Avalon]: “Edwin W. Rogers, 19 years of age, of Santa Ana, while goat hunting last Sunday at the Isthmus with a party of friends, stumbled and discharged the gun into his body just above the heart. He died before medical aid could reach him. The boy’s father, Rex Rogers of Santa Ana, stated that a party of fifteen had received permission to hunt goats and that they had paid fifty cents each for the privilege. The party had arrived at Catalina Harbor late Saturday night on board the commercial fishing launch Maru of San Pedro/ The man who is claimed to have sold the ;privilege’ to hunt goats at the Isthmus is being sought by Constable Moricich. At the time of the accident, Charles Mandershied of Santa Ana had gone to the opposite side of the canyon attempting to round up a band of goats. Mr. Rogers, the boy’s father, was also in the vicinity. The discharge of Rogers’ 30-30 rifle, called attention to the injured boy’s whereabouts. When his companions reached him he was almost unconscious. Constable Moricich notified the coroner’s office late Sunday evening and he was instructed to send the body to the mainland Monday morning. Edwin W. Rogers was a popular student at the Santa Ana schools, was a member of several fraternities and was a quarterback on the football team.”