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ROGERS, Robert Cameron (1862-1912), New York-born editor and poet, known chiefly for his poem, The Rosary: 'The hours I spent with thee, dear heart, Are as a string of pearls to me; I count them over, every one apart, My rosary.

Rogers was the "head of the Morning Press company" [January 23, 1903] and editor, and founding stockholder of the Central Bank of Santa Barbara [March 4, 1903]. He was also an avid polo player and outdoor enthusiast who often went camping on Santa Cruz Island.

Rogers' magnificent Santa Barbara stone home in Mission Canyon, Glendessary, is well-known on its private namesake lane.

Rogers died in Santa Barbara after complications from appendicitis.

Robert Cameron Rogers = [July 21, 1898] Beatrice Fernald (1863-1950) [her second marriage; sister of Charles Fernald]

  • Sherman Skinner Rogers (1899-1981)
  • Robert Cameron Rogers (1900-1971)
  • Alan Stewart Rogers (1902-1963)

In the News~

March 2, 1900 [SBMP]: “Mr. and Mrs. R. Cameron Rogers are now occupying their beautiful new home, "Glendessary," in Mission Canyon.”

July 23, 1902 [SBMP]: “Mr. and Mrs. R. Cameron Rogers and party returned from Santa Cruz Island yesterday afternoon. The party had been in camp for several weeks, and a delightful time is reported.”

July 10, 1903 [SBMP]: “The yacht Daisy, Captain Merry, sails for Santa Cruz Island taking a camping party over. The party is composed of Dr. Thaw and family and R. Cameron Rogers and family. Mr. Rogers will return to Santa Barbara in time to take part in the coming polo tournament.”

July 4, 1903 [SBMP]: “F. M. Whitney, Miss Whitney, Miss Sweat, Harold Frank, and C. W. Day will constitute a party leaving for the islands for an extended camping trip next Tuesday. Dr. Thaw and party and R. Cameron Rogers and party will follow a few days later.”

July 12, 1905 [SBMP]: “Captain Haron Rock of Montecito, Frank Knott of New York and Cameron Rogers enjoyed a pleasant fishing trip on the channel on Monday. They made the trip in Ira Eaton’s Irene... A large whale and a swordfish were sighted on the trip.”

August 10, 1910 [SBI]: “Robert Cameron Rogers, F. M. Whitney and their families formed a camping party this morning for Fry’s Harbor on Captain Short’s boat, the Charm. The party sent their outfit over on the Charm Monday. They will do some trolling on the way over.”

August 24, 1910 [SBI]: “After coming over from the island and spending the day in Santa Barbara, Robert Cameron Rogers of this city and Cyril Lamb of Santa Ynez will return this morning to the Rogers' camp on Santa Cruz Island, where the party will stay until Monday, when they will return with Captain Short in the Charm. Frank M. Whitney, who has been visiting at the camp, returned home yesterday.”

July 13, 1911 [SBMP]: “Robert Cameron Rogers and family, with a number of friends, are to spend a few weeks at the islands. Mr. Rogers goes over tomorrow, and the others of the party will join him Monday.”

July 14, 1911 [SBMP]: “Robert Cameron Rogers, Frank M. Whitney and others form the advance guard of a large party leaving today for Dix Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, where they will establish a camp. The trip will be made on the Charm.”

July 15, 1911 [SBMP]: “The launch returned last evening from Dick’s Harbor, Santa Cruz Island, where Frank M. Whitney, Robert Cameron Rogers and Stewart Wolcott were landed as the advance guard of a large camping party that will take possession of the pretty little harbor next week.”

July 18, 1911 [SBMP]: “Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cameron Rogers, Miss Fernald, Miss Redington, Cyril Lamb, Reginald Fernald and Frank M. Whitney have established a camp on Santa Cruz Island and expect to put in a month at Tinker’s Harbor. The party, with the exception of Mr. Whitney who went on Saturday, sailed early yesterday morning.”

September 2, 1911 [SBMP]: “R. Cameron Rogers called attention to the fact that Japanese fishermen are using diving outfits for abalone at Santa Cruz Island. He expressed the opinion that this practice would result in the complete extermination of the abalone, and the following resolution was adopted: ‘Resolved that the Board of Santa Barbara County be urged to take whatever measures may be in their power to make unlawful the use of diving equipment in fishing for abalone.’”

April 17, 1912 [SBMP]: “Physician's Hopeful. While reports of the condition of Robert Cameron Rogers were not so encouraging yesterday and last night, the attending physicians stated that there was no occasion for anxiety, and that there were hopeful indications for his recovery.”

April 21, 1912 [SBMP]: “Brilliant Career Ends; City Mourns Irreparable Loss. Poet and publisher succumbs after illness of four weeks. Peace and serenity mark closing hours. Influential citizen of Santa Barbara nearly two decades, he was power for civic betterment. Family's bitter grief shared by all who knew him. Funeral at Trinity Church tomorrow. Cut down in the prime of life, and in the midst of a career of usefulness and brilliant achievement, and of even greater promises, Robert Cameron Rogers, author, poet, editor and principal owner of The Morning Press, businessman, vice-president of The Central Bank, valued citizen and beloved friend and associate and benefactor of hundreds of his fellow men, is dead; and the city is in mourning because of an untimely and irreconcilable bereavement...”