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ROSSI, Edmund Arthur</span> (1888-1974), twin to Robert, fifth and sixth of fourteen children born to Pietro Carlo Rossi and his wife, Amelie (second daughter of Justinian Caire). Ed Rossi’s brother-in-law, Ambrose Gherini, was married to Maria Rossi, Edmund Rossi’s oldest sister. When his mother, Amelia Rossi, began suffering ill health, she transferred her seven shares of stock in the Santa Cruz Island Company to her son, Edmund, and thus he assumed the role of lead plaintiff in the suit against his grandmother, Albina Caire, and four of his aunts and uncles.


Tract No. 7 to Justinian Caire’s grandson Edmund A. Rossi, representing the interests of Caire’s oldest daughter, María Rossi. It contained 3217.89 acres, and included San Pedro Point, Smugglers Cove and Yellow Banks on the island's east end.

In the News~

March 2, 1913 [SBMP]: “According to a San Francisco dispatch, there is discord in the wealthy Caire family which owns Santa Cruz Island. Edmund A. Rossi, husband of Amelia Rossi, daughter of the founder of the Caire fortune, has brought action against other members of the family to compel a dissolution of the Santa Cruz Island Company, the assets of which are values at $200,000. It is very probable that A. J. Caire knows nothing about the bringing of the suit. He was in Santa Barbara about ten days ago, but has been over to the island for sometime. The suit was filed while he was absent from San Francisco. Mr. Caire has been giving attention to the island interests more than any other member of the family.”

March 23, 1913 [SBMP]: “Santa Cruz Island involved in suit. Suit for seven shares of the stock of the Santa Cruz Island Company, owned principally by the Caire family, has been filed in superior court of San Francisco by Aglae S. Capuccio, a trustee and stock holder, who asks that a receiver be appointed to convert the assets of the corporation into cash and distribute to each stockholder his pro rata share. The defendants are A. J. Caire, Fred F. Caire, Albina C. S. Caire and Delphine A. Caire, who comprise the board of directors, and Helen A. Caire and Edmund A. Rossi, stockholder. The plaintiff alleges that disputes among the directors have led to the necessity for closing out the corporation. The company was formed in 1869 to engage in stock raising on Santa Cruz Island in the Santa Barbara Channel.”

July 29, 1921 [LAT]: “San Francisco. July 28. Edmund A. Rossi, San Francisco capitalist, was given a one-seventh interest in a fifty-nine [thousand?]-acre holding valued at $2,500,000 on Santa Cruz Island off the Ventura county coast, in a State Supreme Court decision today, which ended ten years’ of litigation over the property. Rossi originally was a stockholder in the Santa Cruz Island Company, which was formed to develop the island resources. The company became financially embarrassed and was refinanced. Rossi charged he was deliberately eliminated from the new company and sued for a seventh interest in its holdings.”

November 30, 1921 [LAT]: “The Superior Court yesterday granted Edmund A. Rossi an order for an accounting by former trustees of the defunct Santa Cruz Island Corporation involving Santa Cruz Island in the Santa Barbara group. Litigation over the island has been carried on in State courts for the past ten years.”

February 10, 1925 [SBMP]: “Island report to be heard tomorrow. The hearing on the referees report on partitioning Santa Cruz Island will open in the superior court at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning when the contesting parties will be represented by San Francisco attorneys. The referees, Frank F. Flournoy, George W. McComber and H. J. Doulton, have retained attorney William J. Griffith to represent them in court in an effort to obtain their fee and expense allowance of approximately $28,000. The extreme east end of the island has been set aside by the referees to Mrs. Aglae S. Capuccio and Edmund Rossi, who, according to their attorneys, expect to develop it as soon as the referees’ report is accepted.”

February 27, 1925 [SBMP]: “Island suit peace seen. Two owners pay share of cost of dividing 62,000 acre tract. An early settlement of the suit over partitioning Santa Cruz Island was indicated yesterday when Mrs. Aglae S. Capuccio and Edmund A. Rossi paid their share of the cost of dividing the 62,000-acre estate between seven contesting parties. The significant part of the settlement made yesterday is the fact that court had allowed the parties 30 days after final acceptance of the referees’ report in which to pay the costs, and the final hearing has been set for argument on March 18. A receipt for $2372.58 was filed with the county clerk yesterday by Frank F. Flournoy, H. J. Doulton and George W. McComber. This amount covers costs only and does not include the shares of $37,500 commission already agreed to by the owners of the island. Mrs., Capuccio and Mr. Rossi have been allotted approximately 13,000 acres at the extreme east end of the island, but they have petitioned the court for an additional frontage between Prisoners’ Harbor and Punta Diablo, and for a public road between the east end of the island and Prisoners’ Harbor. The largest portion of the island, consisting of 51 percent of the total acreage, has been allotted to the estate of Mrs. Justinian Caire, who died in San Francisco several months ago. This property will be distributed to the heirs of her estate who are the other four contesting owners of the island.”

March 19, 1925 [SBMP]: “Court continues island hearing. Case will be reset by Crow next Monday; report also deferred. The hearing on the partitioning of Santa Cruz Island which was to have been held in the superior court yesterday morning was continued until next Monday, to be reset by Judge S. E. Crow on motion of attorney W. G. Griffith, representing the referees. Both the report of referees Frank F. Flournoy, George W. McComber and H. J. Doulton and the objection by Mrs. Aglae S. Capuccio and Edmund A. Rossi were continued yesterday.”