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ROSSI, Maria Sophia (1883-1960), second of fourteen children born to Justinian Caire’s daughter, Amelie Apolline Caire Rossi (1861-1917), and her husband, Pietro Carlo Rossi (1857-1911). Maria was Justinian Caire’s first granddaughter. She was barely 14 years old when he died. At age 23, on October 30, 1906 Maria married San Francisco attorney, Ambrose T. Gherini (1878-1952). Five years later her father, Pietro Carlo Rossi, was killed in a wagon accident. She was 28. Maria Rossi and Ambrose Gherini had four children who lived to adulthood:

  • Marie “Dini” Gherini [Ringrose] (1907-2010) = Harold Ringrose (1908-1967)
  • Ilda Emilia Gherini [McGinness] (1910-2006) = William McGinness, Jr. (1903-1962)
  • Pier Ambrose Gherini (1912-1989) = Margaret E. Whelan (1915-1975)
  • Francis Ambrose (1914-1998) = Ynez Denby

The family plot is in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Colma, CA.

» Ambrose Gherini

In the News~

June 27, 1893 [SBDI]: “Mrs. J. Caire, Miss Aglae Caire, Miss Helene Caire, Miss Maria Rossi, Miss Adelaide Dusio of San Francisco, John Drumm, Miss Carrie Drum, Miss Sara Drum, of Oakland, and Miss Madeline Rosseter of Alameda, arrived last evening on the Corona, and registered at the San Marcos; they left this morning on the steamer Santa Cruz for the island.”

June 25, 1898 [LAT/SF]: “Coming by boat… Miss A. Caire, Miss M. Rossi, Mrs. J. Caire, Miss H. Caire…”