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Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, CA

ROSSI, Pietro Carlo (1857-1911), graduate of the University of Turin, Italy, a chemist who married Justinian Caire's second daughter, Amelie on December 26, 1880 at St. Mary’s Church, San Francisco. The following year, Rossi became a chief wine-maker of the Italian-Swiss Agricultural Colony in Asti, California. He later became president of the Italian-Swiss Colony. He and his wife had 14 children. Rossi was killed in a buggy accident at Asti on October 8, 1911 when he was 54 years old, and was survived by his wife, Amelie Apolline Caire (1861-1917), and ten living children:

  • Maria Rossi (1883-1960)
  • Robert Dominic (1888-1961) twin
  • Edmund Arthur (1888-1974) twin
  • Esther Albina Rossi (1890-1968)
  • Marguerite Aimee Rossi (1892-1985) nun
  • Amelie Olga Rossi (1894-1983) nun
  • Beatrice Valerie Rossi [Torrens] (1896-1989)
  • Albina Christine Rossi [Wall] (1899-1988)
  • Elenore Lillian Rossi [ODonnell] (1901-1991)
  • Pietro Carlo Rossi (1902-1992) priest

Four children predeceased him:

  • Albert (1882-1887) first-born died of diphtheria
  • Sofia (1885-1891) third-born died of scarlet fever
  • Luigi ‘Freddy’ (1887-1891) fourth-born died of meningitis
  • Gioberto (1897-1899) eleventh-born

Pietro Rossi’s oldest daughter, Maria, married San Francisco attorney Ambrose Gherini, who represented both Amelie, through her son Edmund, and Amelie’s sister, Aglae, in the court action against the Santa Cruz Island Company beginning in 1913. Amelie Rossi and her sister, Aglae Capuccio, with support from their respective husbands, Pietro Rossi and Goffredo Capuccio, sued their mother, Albina Caire, and four siblings (Arthur, Fred, Delphine and Helene) for an equal part of inheritance from the estate of Justinian Caire. Amelie Rossi died in 1917 at age 55, six years after the death of her husband, and seven years before her mother, Albina. She did not live to see the island partitioned.

In the News~

July 23, 1890 [SBDP]: “Santa Cruz Island… The Eureka, a staunch built steamship had been chartered for the occasion… About one hundred editors, their wives and daughters, besides a few citizens of Santa Barbara boarded the ship… We had the pleasure of meeting Mr. P. C. Rossi, son-in-law of Mr. Caire, who has charge of the island and the great industries thereon…”

June 27, 1897 [SBMP]: “Mrs. P. C. Rossi, family and maid, Miss Caire and Mr. and Mrs. Connoly are at the Arlington.”

August 6, 1906 [Letter from P. C. Rossi to Goffredo Capuccio]: “San Francisco, Cal. I acknowledge receipt of your kind letter of 13 inst. containing a copy of the will sent by Arthur to mother [Albina Caire] for her to sign it. I tried to read your letter to Amelie who, suspecting the the contents of the document, refused to read it. I think it useless to tell you the disgusting impression that it produced in me, on seeing such a nauseating underhand dealing. For my part it’s more than 25 years that by myself I have provided the material and moral welfare of my not-small family, and for what would belong by right to Amelie, even if it were given to her now without restrictions, that would be quite immaterial to me, since fortunately I am in a position to provide for the future of my children, without depending on them, but I cannot do without remarking the insult that with such a document is hurled at Amelie as well as me, just as against Aglae and you, and there is no doubt, that if such an indecency would come about, they would never live enough to regret the step taken. For the time being I would advise against you not to even mention it to Aglae, because it would cause her too much sorrow, and it would be an unmerited humiliation, but when the opportune moment comes we will see what we will have to do. At your convenience let me know what you [said?] to mama when you returned the package. Accept many kind regards from us all, and given also Aglae and believe me always, Yours affectionately, P. C. Rossi.”

October 16, 1906 [SFCall]: “Mr. and Mrs. Pietro C. Rossi have sent out invitations to the marriage of their daughter, Miss Maria Albina Rossi, to Ambrose Gherini, which is to take place at 9:30 o'clock on Tuesday morning, October 30, at the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in this city.”