ROYCE, Stephen W.

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ROYCE, Stephen Wheeler (1921-1972), physician (1942 graduate of Princeton; 1945 graduate of Harvard Medical School; residency at Babies Hospital, New York) and very close friend of Carey Stanton. Royce committed suicide on August 2, 1972. His death so upset Carey Stanton, it served as the catalyst for Stanton, an alcoholic, to get sober. Royce was 51 years old.

  • Stephen W. Royce, Jr., M.D. Memorial Award was established by the American Medical Athletic Association in his honor;
  • Stephen W. Royce, Jr., M.D., Teaching Fellow in Pediatrics was established at Harvard Medical School.

Steve Royce and Carey Stanton traveled to Puerto Vallarta together in late 1959. It was at a bar on the beach that they met Henry Duffield, who was trying to teach himself to walk with heavy steel leg braces after suffering polio. Stanton and Royce, as physicians, convinced Duffield, 38, to go to Warm Springs, Georgia for rehabilitation, which Duffield did. When he was released, he was invited to Santa Cruz Island, where Edwin L. Stanton offered him a job on September 19, 1960 as ranch manager. Duffield stayed for 26 years, until his death by suicide on the island November 23, 1986.

Steve Wheeler Royce (1921-1972) = [1949] Polly Corliss Moseley* (1929-2005) of Beverly Hills, CA

  • Kim Moseley Royce (b. 1950) = [1971] Patrick Edward Daugherty
  • Sandra Royce (b. 1952) = McKinney
  • Stephen M. Royce (b. 1957)

= [1965] Jane M. Haughton (1920-1968) second wife

Royce's namesake father (1892-1977) owned the Huntington Hotel of Pasadena, which he sold in 1954 to the Sheraton Corporation. It was renamed the Huntington Sheraton. Mr. Royce Sr. had entered the hotel business in 1921 as manager of the Hotel Vista de Arroyo, Pasadena, California, which position he held until 1924 when he was appointed managing director of the Huntington Hotel, Pasadena. He was also managing director of the Coronado Hotel, Coronado, California, from 1934 to 1938; the Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, California, from 1939 to 1945; and the Royal Hawaiian and Moana Hotels, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii, since 1948. President of the Huntington Hotel Company, Ltd.; director of the First Trust and Savings Bank of Pasadena and Pasadena Tournament of Roses; trustee of Santa Barbara Boys School.

In the News~

May 29, 1968 [Pasadena Star-News]: “Jane Haughton Royce passed away May 28, 1968. She is survived by her husband, Doctor Stephen W. Royce; her daughters, Nancy Richards Gilkyson and Lisa Huntington Gilkyson; and her son, Hamilton H Gilkyson IV, all of Pasadena. Services, 2:00 pm today, in the chapel of All Saints Episcopal Church, 132 N Euclid Avenue, the Rev. George F. Regas officiating. Turner & Stevens Co., Pasadena, directors. Donations may be made to the Huntington Memorial Hospital Intensive Care Unit Equipment.”

April 23, 1974 [Princeton Alumni Weekley]: “Steve Royce died suddenly on Wednesday, Aug. 2, 1972 in Laguna Beach, Cal. At Princeton, to those of us who were less advantaged, Steve seemed to be both especially gifted and especially privileged. Whatever are the complicated processes that form character, they combined to endow Steve with a vigorous mind in a muscular body and a high degree of coordination, independence, and self-sufficiency. Making the most of inherited athletic abilities, Steve came to excel in a dozen sports. Effectively applying his quick intellect, Steve graduated from Princeton summa cum laude; with apparent ease he went on to become a distinguished pediatrician, founded the Children's Clinic in Pasadena and the Cystic Fibrosis Association in California. Despite a demanding work schedule, Steve remained an active athlete all his life. He skied, sailed (four times in the Transpacific Yacht Race), played tennis, and ran (three times in the Boston marathon). He was training for the Greek Marathon when, sadly and strangely, he died during the night. Familial ties were very strong in Steve's life. Doubtless they lent him courage even beyond his own considerable personal store. We shall miss this special person very much. Steve is survived by his first wife; two daughters, Mrs. Kim Daugherty of Laguna Beach and Mrs. Sandra McKinney of Pasadena; a son, Stephen M. Royce of Pasadena; a brother, Daniel, of Pasadena; and a sister, Mrs. Dorothy Hadden of Rancho Santa Fe.”

2005 []: Mrs. Polly Corliss Moseley Royce of Rancho Santa Fe died from complications of a stroke. Born in Hollywood, Ca. She was raised in Beverly Hills, Ca. and attended The Marlborough School in Los Angeles and Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut. Married Dr. Stephen Wheeler Royce, 1949, and had three children. Kim, Steve and Sandi. She loved her antique business, which she ran for several decades. She especially loved designing and furnishing homes, and maintained residences in Vail, Co., Sun Valley, Idaho and Corona Del Mar, Ca. She retired from her antique business in Rancho Santa Fe, Ca. in 1990. Throughout her retirement, her life revolved around music, piano and spending time with her family and those she truly loved. She was preceded in death by Dr. Royce in 1972, and brother Bruce Moseley of Albuquerque, Mew Mexico. She had 4 grandchildren.