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RUIZ, Carlos ( - )

In the News~

November 23, 1905 [SBMP]:Peerless home from San Miguel. The launch Peerless has ventured from San Miguel after a twelve days’ trip, and with the long expected boat returned the six men who went over to the wreck of the schooner J. M. Colman. The power yacht Vishnu did not leave for the island yesterday, as the Peerless arrived before Captain Merry was ready to start. Seamen returning with the Peerless report having experienced considerable rough weather which prevented them returning to this city sooner and accomplishing the work for which the trip was taken. The boat and her crew returned in good condition, and they suffered no lack of food or shelter. The Peerless went to San Miguel for the purpose of getting a pony engine off the Colman, but failed to get the engine, which was washed off the lighter and left on the beach. Upon reaching the scene of the Colman wreck, the Peerless found calm weather for five days, but very heavy swells were rolling in and it was impossible to get to the engine from the lighter. A line was run to the lighter, but the Peerless could not get in close enough to remove the engine. A southeaster came up on the fifth day and drove them out of the south bay into Cuyler’s Harbor where the boat remained for six days. A heavy northwest wind forced them to remain in the harbor, although the men knew that their friends in this city were worrying about them. On Tuesday the weather became clearer and the channel more possible, so the Peerless sailed at noon for Point Conception and arrived off Gaviota before nightfall. Turning south the boatmen were soon in sight of the Santa Barbara light and reached port at 2 o’clock yesterday morning. The six men returning with the Peerless were Captain Vasquez, Percy Bagley, Roy White, George Godfrey, Carlos Ruiz, and craw fishermen who recently arrived in the city from Mexico.”

June 19, 1908 [SBI]: “Captain Rosaline Vasquez will sail at 8 o’clock tomorrow morning in his powerboat Gussie M for Lower California, where with his crew he will spend several months hunting otter. The skins will be shipped to Chicago to a firm of furriers. With him will go Julius and Art Valdez and Charles Ruiz.”