Ragged Mountain, Santa Cruz Island

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Ragged Mountain, Santa Cruz Island is a 1319-foot peak on the Sierra Blanca ridge. William E. Greenwell and his aid, Preston C. F. West placed a survey marker on this peak on Saturday, August 15, 1857. “It is on the highest part of a showy ridge that leads up to the highest mountain on the southwestern point of the island. The best way of getting to it is to follow a trail leading from John’s [Christy Ranch] to the southward. It passes through two valleys [Cañada Cebada and Cañada del los Sauces], which in the second valley you ascend the ridge that borders it on the south, which will take you direct to the station.” The place name appears on Stehman Forney’s 1875 island survey map (elevation 1308). This triangulation station appears on the Santa Cruz Island Sheet B topographic map.

Spring of 1887 J. Walter Fewkes remarks:

“…Looking into the canyon from our anchorage, we notice that the high cliffs of the brow, which appears an unbroken peak from Santa Barbara, have a cleft form with jagged edges, as if they had been broken asunder by volcanic forces. This effect is thought to be due to the recent elevation of the island, and to tell the same story as the raised terraces on the eastern and western ends of the island. In the chart, by the Coast Survey, a mountain called Ragged Mountain occupies the position of this break…” [Across the Santa Barbara Channel in The American Naturalist XXIII:268 (213), April 1889]