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Ramona (#) (-) [steamer]

In the News~

July 14, 1903 [SBMP]: “Island excursion for Saturday next. Round trip tickets $1.50. Steamer Ramona will leave Stearn’s Wharf at 8:30 A.M. Final details of the steamer excursion to the islands were completed yesterday... The Ramona is the most comfortable boat running on the coast, and she is practically new. She was built for the Alaska excursion run, has a broad beam, and is remarkably steady in the water. It is a noteworthy fact that few of her passengers are ever seasick… The steamer will carry 800 passengers, but the committee has limited the number to 500 to insure comfort.”

July 18, 1903 [SBMP]: “Island excursion on steamer Ramona. Beautiful new vessel leaves Stearn’s Wharf at 9 o'clock. Returns at 6. A most happy ending of the first week's program provided by the mid-summer tournament committee will be the excursion to Santa Cruz Island on the steamship Ramona, one of the staunchest and best equipped of the Pacific Coast Steamship Company's fleet... Arrangements have been made to land at Prisoners' Harbor, one of the safest and most beautiful on the island. The passengers will land there...”

August 13, 1903 [SBMP]: “The steamer Ramona, which left San Pedro early yesterday morning bound for San Francisco, met with an accident to her machinery when about 40 miles out, and for 5 hours drifted in a helpless condition...” She was rescued by Captain Alexander of the Santa Rosa the following day.