Rancho Punta West, Santa Cruz Island

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Western pastures, Santa Cruz Island

Rancho Punta West, Santa Cruz Island was one of several satellite out ranches developed by Justinian Caire in the 19th century. This outpost, located at Forney’s Cove on the island’s extreme western end, was the most remote of all the outposts. Maps drawn in 1886 and 1890 (#48; 48b) illustrate areas available for hay cultivation, a men's bunk house, a well dated 1888 and a pump, a foreman’s house and store room, two hay barns, a stable, a hog pen, sheep castration corrals built in 1889, and a telephone line to Christy and the Main Ranch. In addition, water from Cañada del Agua Santa was collected in a reservoir. The locations of three U.S. Coast Survey stations are also marked on the maps. In 1922, Symmes reported:

“At Forney's near the west end of the island a frame house and sheds have been abandoned for some time.”

Today the corner of a stone building, the stone foundations of the barns, some wooden posts, and the concrete reservoir in Cañada del Agua Santa are all that remain of this former out ranch.  » Campo Punta West