Reaper (U.S.S. Reaper)

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Reaper [U.S.S. Reaper] (#MSO-467) (1954-1980s), 172-foot wood-hulled diesel-powered minesweeper out of Long Beach, which had been built in Wilmington, California in 1954. She was eventually decommissioned, sold for salvage, and towed to Scorpion Harbor off the east end of Santa Cruz Island in the early 1980s. The morning after island resident, William Petersen, caught two couples stealing metals off her which he made them return, Reaper parted from her stainless steel cable, and was found floating off Anacapa Island by the Coast Guard. They towed her into Port Hueneme, and shortly thereafter towed her out to Smugglers Cove, Santa Cruz Island where they moored her, pending burning her at sea. Reaper then parted her rope line and washed ashore at Smugglers Cove where Petersen soon burned her hull and salvaged her metals. This was the second of three minesweepers which ended up on the east end of Santa Cruz Island. » Spirit of America