Renton Mine, Santa Catalina Island

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Renton Mine, Santa Catalina Island

Renton Mine, Santa Catalina Island The Renton Mine is located 2 miles southeast of Avalon. It consists of five approximately parallel veins from 4 to 18 feet wide, dipping 60° N. and cutting andesite. Ore minerals are sphalerite and galena with some silver. Development work totals about 2,400 feet. The main vein workings are disposed on four levels about 100 feet apart vertically. The longest adit is a 400-foot crosscut at the lowest (No. 4) level with 150-foot drift on the vein. An ore shoot, 130 feet long, averaging 6 feet in width, was developed. A fifth adit comprises 630 feet of drifting on parallel veins.