Rippers Cove, Santa Catalina Island

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Rippers Cove, Santa Catalina Island

Rippers Cove, Santa Catalina Island is one of eleven primitive boat-in designated beach camp sites, all on the lee shore between Avalon and Two Harbors: Willow Cove, Long Point Beach; Italian Gardens A,B & C (NOT on the same beach with each other); Goat Harbor; Cabrillo; Gibraltar; Lava Wall; Paradise; and Rippers.

Rippers Cove is located 4 miles east of Isthmus cove and immediately west of Empire Landing on the north side of the island. There are no moorings, but there is anchorage for less than a dozen boats in sand with fore and aft anchors. There is no lessee for this cove.

In the News~

January 27, 1980 [San Bernardino County Sun]: “Catalina Plane Crash kills one. Avalon.— A New York man was killed and his pilot hospitalized Saturday when their plane dropped into the ocean off Catalina Island, said a Los Angeles County sheriff's department spokesman. The pilot of the low-wing Cherokee "took off from Avalon Airport about 3 p.m., and was airborne for about five minutes when he lost altitude about 200 yards from Rippers Landing and dropped into the ocean," said Sheriff's Deputy Marvin Cavanaugh. There was a diving boat nearby and some divers dove in and pulled the passenger and pilot from the craft and notified the US Coast Guard," said Cavanaugh. The pilot, Noah Felice, 28, of Van Nuys was flown by helicopter to Torrance Memorial Hospital where he was treated for multiple broken bones and placed in the intensive care unit. Mark Anthony Felice, 18, visiting from New York City, died on the boat, said Cavanaugh.”