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Roughneck (#) (-198)

In the News~

January 16, 1980 [LAT]: “3 days at sea. Man rescued from lifeboat. Los Angeles — A fisherman who took to a lifeboat early Sunday when his 65-foot fishing vessel sank in rough seas off San Nicolas Island was rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter Tuesday off Malibu. Scott Johnson, 26, of Long Beach was treated for exposure and bruises at Torrance Memorial Hospital. Johnson transmitted a distress message on his radio before his oat, the Roughneck, went down two miles northeast of San Nicolas Island at 12:35 a.m. Sunday. A search was started by the Coast Guard, Navy merchant ships and aircraft. The tanker American Lancer spotted Johnson in is bobbing lifeboat 40 miles from where the Roughneck sank, and notified Coast Guard headquarters in Long Beach. Johnson's location was relayed to helicopter. The helicopter used a winch to haul Johnson to safety.”