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Roughneck (#271277) (1956-1980), 65-foot steel fishing vessel that sank in rough seas two miles northeast of San Nicolas Island. The captain, Scott Johnson, was discovered 40 miles away in a life raft.

In the News~

January 16, 1980 [LAT]: “3 days at sea. Man rescued from lifeboat. Los Angeles — A fisherman who took to a lifeboat early Sunday when his 65-foot fishing vessel sank in rough seas off San Nicolas Island was rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter Tuesday off Malibu. Scott Johnson, 26, of Long Beach was treated for exposure and bruises at Torrance Memorial Hospital. Johnson transmitted a distress message on his radio before his oat, the Roughneck, went down two miles northeast of San Nicolas Island at 12:35 a.m. Sunday. A search was started by the Coast Guard, Navy merchant ships and aircraft. The tanker American Lancer [first ship designed as a container ship (1968)] spotted Johnson in his bobbing lifeboat 40 miles from where the Roughneck sank, and notified Coast Guard headquarters in Long Beach. Johnson's location was relayed to helicopter. The helicopter used a winch to haul Johnson to safety.”