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S. N. Castle (#116130) (1886-1926), full-rigged barkentine built by Hall Brothers in Port Blakley, Washington. S. N. Castle was named for Samuel Northrup Castle, 19th century Hawaiian industrialist and treasurer of the Kohala Sugar Company. The vessel spent her early years sailing between Hawaii and the mainland engaged in the sugar trade. In 1905 she was sold for a new career in the cod fishing industry; the Alaska Codfish Company bought her in 1917. By then she was rigged as a three-masted schooner. She made her last voyages in 1923-1924 and was then laid up in San Francisco Bay. In January 1926 S. N. Castle was towed to Los Angeles, rerigged as the full-rigged Tripolitian pirate ship in the movie, Old Ironsides. On February 17, 1926 she was sunk and burned at the entrance to Catalina Harbor on Santa Catalina Island for the making of the film.

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