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The Longshaw Card Company, was owned Henry Lowe Longshaw, a former card salesman for the E. F. Clement Company. He mostly produced view cards and cards with the pictures of the homes of movie stars and some pin up cards. In business from the late 1930s to 1957, many of his cards are known to have orange borders, like the Santa Catalina Island card series.

Longshaw had most of his cards printed by Mission Engraving Company, 421 E. 6th St., Los Angeles, with whom he shared the building. Longshaw did go on to produce higher quality images, but was unable to compete with lower priced cards, thus he closed in 1957.

Some cards are additionally marked "From Kodachrome" or "From Kodachrome by Jusmet." Mario Hector Jusmet (1902-1972) [SS# 034-053-3130] was born in Buenos Aires on August 23, 1902. He immigrated via Spain; then to New York, arriving in the city on September 12, 1920. He later petitioned for Naturalization in Los Angeles (1942). Jusmet was a lithographer by profession. He worked for the Mission Engraving Company, the commercial art firm in the same building where Longshaw had his business in downtown Los Angeles. Presumably Jusmet did side work for Henry Longshaw's card business.

The Santa Catalina Island 500 series of post cards [#539-#566], are linen cards that have an orangish border. (Note there is no colon after the 500-number as found in Kashower Company 500-series cards.) Most cards appear to be unsent. The earliest postmark found on this series of Catalina cards is September 12, 1941 [Haffey Family Collection]; the latest is dated April 2, 1950 [SCIF].

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