SANTA CATALINA ISLAND POST CARDS: M. KASHOWER CO.: 500 Numbered Series with Colon (:)

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Kashower cards date from 1914-1934. The M. Kashower Co. published postcards through a variety of printers, including the Van Ornum Colorprint Company, and specialized in comic cards, holiday greeting cards, and postcards of sites in southern California. The Santa Catalina Island cards in this series have a white border.

March 17, 1915 [LAT]: “Declared unfair. Must drop the name. On the ground that it is an unfair method of competition, a temporary injunction was issued by Judge Shenk yesterday restraining M. Kashower from using the firm name of the Western Publishing Company, formerly called the Western Publishing and Novelty Company. The story preceding the suit brought by Theodore and Philip Sohmer is that the Sohmers and Mr. Kashower were partners in the western Publishing and Novelty Company from 1912 to 1914, when the partnership was dissolved. The property matters were settled by agreement. The Sohmers organized a new partnership using the same firm name. Two days later Mr. Kashower organized a partnership to conduct a similar business under the name of the M. Krashower Company. He stated that he did not intend to defraud or harm the plaintiffs. He will file his answer and the case will be set for trial. ”

December 17, 1916 [LAT]: “H. L. Suydam announces many downtown realty transactions. H.:. Suydam has just made the following leases: ...No. 434 South Hill street, to M. Kashower for novelties and post cards... ”

March 23, 1919 [LAT]: “Metcalf & Ryan, realty brokers, report the following business leases: ...for A. V. Ferguson to M. Kashower Company, storeroom at 406 South Los Angeles street...

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