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SCHILLING, William ( - )

» Elias Beckman, Apellant, v. William G. Waters and San Miguel Island Company, Respondents Reports of cases determined in the Supreme Court of the state of California. 161(581-588) December 1911. [L. A. No. 2724. Department One. December 15, 1911].

In the News~

December 19, 1889 [SBCounty Deed Book 26: 203-204]: “W. I. Nichols to William Schilling... in consideration of the sum of ten thousand dollars legal money... the undivided one half of, in and to San Miguel Island... also the undivided one half of all the following described personal property now on said island consisting of horses, cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, mules, poultry, hay farming implements, wagon, cart, harness, and saddles, blacksmith and other tools, improvements on said island, household and kitchen furniture, one other boat, one dory, one lighter, one skiff, the moorings in the harbor... also the undivided one third of the sailing yacht Challenge...”

December 1890: “…the defendant Waters and one Schilling had been jointly interested in the ownership of San Miguel Island and the personal property thereon. In December 1890, Waters had purchased Schilling’s interest, giving him therefore a promissory bote for $7000, secured by an instrument described in the record as a ‘pledge’ of the island and of the property thereon. This note and pledge were assigned by Schilling, in January 1892, to the plaintiff Beckman, who was acting on behalf of himself and one Gaty. A finding, which is not attacked, declares that this instrument was a part of the transaction of February 1, 1892, by which deed, bill of sale and reconveyance agreement were executed, Coincident with the assignment of the pledge, Schilling made a quit claim deed to Beckman of an undivided one-half interest in the island. This deed declared that it was made to Beckman for the purpose of enabling him ‘to fulfill all the obligations required in the said pledge of the said Schilling…” [The Pacific Reporter 119:923-4 (1911-1912)]

December 24, 1890 [SBMP]: “Captain W. G. Waters has bought out the interest of William Schilling in San Miguel Island, and is now the sole owner of that property.”