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SCHMIDT, Karl (1890-1962) Massachussetts-born largely self-taught artist who began drawing and painting when he was very young. He graduated from Polytechnic Institute in Worcester after which he traveled to London where he studied art and painted seascapes of Cornwall and the coast of Brittany. In 1915 Schmidt moved to Santa Barbara where he was associated with the Harmer Studio. In 1918 he joined the Navy and became a commander. Schmidt is known primarily for landscapes and marine paintings. He died in Los Gatos, California on September 26, 1962.

In the News~

June 30, 1915 [SBDI]: “Landscape and marine painters are finding Santa Cruz Island a source of inspiration for their creative efforts. This week there are three artists on the island. Edgar Payne left today on the Otter for Valdez Cave, and Karl Schmidt and Frederick Rhead are already there. Mr. Payne will stay a week, resting and doing landscape work.”