SCOTT, Carroll DeWilton

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SCOTT, Carroll (1878-1970), born in Texas, he was living in San Diego by 1900.

C. D. Scott = [c. 1910] Edith Mills (1878-1973)

  • 1. Emily Rose Scott (1912- )

C. D. Scott = [c. 1932] Frances Imgrund (1892-1958)

From April to August 1923, Jose Maria Gallegos, representative of Mexico's federal Department of Agriculture, and also of its Office of Biological Studies; Laurence Huey and Carroll Scott, both with the San Diego Natural History Museum; and Ralph Hoffmann, of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, travelled through the Coronados Islands, regions of the Colorado River Delta inside Mexico, Laguna Hanson and Guadalupe Island. [Curry, Helen et al. Worlds of Natural History (2018)].

Scott collected on:

  • Islas Coronados

Islas Coronados Carroll Scott WFVZ May 20, 1905 WFVZ-90229 Larus occidentalis Eggs