SEALS, Linda

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SEALS, Linda ( -1996)

In the News~

April 14, 1996 [Associated Press]: “AVALON, CALIF. AVALON, Calif. (AP) A mother drowned trying to rescue her two children and four other youths caught in heavy surf, authorities said Sunday. Fatigued by repeated rescue attempts into chilly Pacific waters off of Santa Catalina Island, Linda Seals was hit by a big wave Saturday as another man tried to save her. Her body was found later floating face-down. The children, ages 10 to 15, were rescued without injury. Seals, 42, an island resident, drowned at a beach where there are no lifeguards, said sheriff's Sgt. Gary Olson. Seals and another parent, Pastor Lopez, noticed the struggling children and dived in to help. They managed to bring two children in. Lopez's cousin, Leonard Lopez, brought two more children ashore, leaving one of Seals' children and another child in the water. Although exhausted, Seals and Leonard Lopez swam back out. Lopez brought the children close enough to shore for someone else to reach. He went back out for Seals, but both were knocked off by a big wave and the woman didn't resurface. Lopez made it to shore safely.”