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Avalon Bay, Santa Catalina Island, California
Collection of Tony Guanaci
Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Middletown, MD

SETTLEMYER, Margaret "Maggie" Beckwith (1831-1922), born in Maryland, she was the wife of the Rev. William H. Settlemyer (1838-1925), and was several years his senior.

The 1880 census lists her occupation as an artist, 42 years old. The 1920 census lists her occupation as an artist, 88 years old.

In the News~

November 14, 1901 [LAT]: “...Rev. W. H. Settlemeyer and Mrs. M. B. Settlemyer of Middletown, Md. are enjoying a visit to Catalina. This morning the party went out fishing on the Queen, and came in with about 150 pounds of fish.”

September 24, 1922 [The News Leader, Staunton, VA]: “Dies in Maryland. Mrs. Settlemeyer, wife of the Rev. W. H. Settlemeyer, of Middleton, Md., died Thursday afternoon. She is survived by her husband. The funeral and burial will be at Middletown. She was a Miss Fink, of Pennsylvania, and a sister of Mrs. C. C. Berry, of Lutherville, Md., formerly of Staunton. She was about 77 years of age. Mr. Settlemeyer was pastor of the Staunton Christ Lutheran church from 1885 to 1887.”