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SEXAUER, Frida Niedermuller (1878-1921), German-born immigrant who came to the United States in 1904, she was a graduate of U. C. Bekeley class of 1908; sister of Otto Neidemuller. She gave 122 sheets of Santa Cruz Island plants she had collected to the University of California when she graduated. That same year, Frida married German immigrant, Hermann Frederick Sexauer (1883-1971) “in a health food store in San Francisco.” Two years later, in 1910, they moved to Santa Barbara. She was six years older than he. By 1916 they had settled in Quail Canyon at the north end of Milpas Street [1120 North Milpas St.] in Santa Barbara. They had four children:

  • Maya Hermanne Sexauer [Forbes; Seyer] (1910-2003)
  • Wolfram Frederick Sexauer (1912-1989)
  • Barbara L. Sexauer (1914- )
  • Roland D. Sexauer (1916-1982)

Frida’s husband, Hermann, worked as a horticulturalist and building craftsman who specialized in the construction of adobes. After Frida’s death, he opened Santa Barbara’s first health food store, Sexauer's Natural Foods. Sexauer childred, siblings Maya and Wolfram Sexauer, posed nude as the models for Santa Barbara’s most famous fountain at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse when Maya was 16 and Wolfram 14. It is said the entire family had a “European nonchalance” about nudity. Frida Sexauer died on March 14, 1921. She was 43 years 10 months 14 days old.

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