SEXTON, Horace

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SEXTON, Horace (1885-1971), Santa Barbara-born son of Joseph Sexton and Lucy Ann Foster, the large and prominent Goleta family, he made repeated visits to Santa Cruz Island. August 20, 1907 he returned from a Santa Cruz Island excursion aboard Gussie M with about two dozen friends. In 1922 he kept an account of a two week camping trip to Santa Cruz Island. Sexton was also a friend of both photographer Ralph Paulin and Captain Mortimer Rodehaver and they traveled to the islands together.

Caliche forest, San Miguel Island 1910. Horace Sexton (left) and Ed Parker (right). Photo by Ralph Paulin.

Horace Sexton = Ella May Morton (1890-1960)

1. Don Kenyon Sexton (1922-1984)
2. Bruce Douglas Sexton (1924-2012)

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In the News~

August 28, 1906 [SBMP]: “The sailboat Vixen, in charge of Captain Don Leach, made a trip to Santa Cruz Island on Saturday with Edgar Montague, Horace Johnstone, Horace Sexton, and Teddy Conant aboard...”